Prototype jump factories, London

As the name suggests the design, manufacture and erection of two 600Te Steel Structures that are to form construction factories that will be “jumped”, two levels at a time during the construction phase of high rise construction projects in both inner city and global locations.
The jumps are made by way of jacking columns on four corners of the pre-cast concrete structure cores, 4no 250Te capacity hydraulic jacking units controlled by a central HDU are then bolted to the core, and to the steel factory structure. The jump factory also contains two Gantry Cranes that will be used to facilitate the construction of the towers underneath the factory as it jumps.
The target is that 2no floors can be constructed underneath the factory during a one week rotation which, in turn, will facilitate a 2 storey jump cycle every weekend. The overall jump cycle for the jacking robots is only 5 hours to completion.
The concept has only been previously attempted once globally. In 2011 Dutch engineers successfully completed the world’s first Jump Factory on a small scale whilst constructing Erasmus University in The Netherlands working with the BAM Group of companies.
This original concept has been redesigned to be bigger, offering more factory floor space and even the welfare facilities for the site to be housed inside. One of the most exciting concepts the construction industry has witnessed in decades.
Designers have ensured that the structure can be safely dismantled from completed tower heights, stripped, and re-used each time a new tower construction commences.


  • Each Factory weighed in at 640Te.

  • Manufactured and shipped from Istanbul within three months.

  • Over 125+ dedicated truckloads of steel, by ship and by air.

  • Each factory houses two gantry cranes to construct the towers

  • 12,800sq mtrs of membrane wrap.

  • Over 20,000+ High Grade  and Tencion Control Bolts hold both structures together.

  • All bolts will have to be sacrificed once the structures are dismantled.