Rehousing the MET Police.


Responsible for the Structural Steel and metal Decking package for this prestigious inner London redevelopment of the existing Curtis Green Building to enable the MET Police’s relocation back into what was once, Scotland Yard.


To include 630T of newly fabricated structural steel the project consisted of primarily New Build steelwork with a large element of refurb steel to be located within the existing building frame. Challenging when the existing structure is encased in concrete.


Following months of demolition works and surveying the new frame was been modelled using Tekla Structures to identify any clashes of new to old steelwork. Overall BIM execution was to include interface with all other trades and confederated model integration.


Contained within this challenge is the specification for welding new steelwork to the existing steelwork. The original structure was stood in the 1930’s when the production of raw steel did not produce the high quality steel we see on the market today. Metallurgy studies were undertaken which confirmed that the existing steel, whilst structurally sound, contained many impurities and exceedingly high levels of carbon and sulphur making it “brittle” by nature.


As a result, specialists went to work in removing a sample of the old steel to return to facility for rigorous weld testing, heat treatment and test runs to ensure a suitable welding procedure could be achieved. A highly successful exercise galvanized by a 100% success rate during NDT testing throughout the project.


Coupled with this was the Load Transfer. Once the new framework was erected and all concrete floors had been poured it remained to transfer the structural loads from the old building into the new steel framework. This was achieved by a floor by floor jacking process to support the existing loads, whilst existing columns were burnt out and removed – leaving the entire structure in a state of equilibrium.


Whilst a challenging project it was with pride that the Westminster Code of Practice was fully complied with and it is great to see the both the London Mayor's Office and Metropolitan Police settled in the heart of the city.