At Man Of Steel (Project Management) Ltd we pride ourselves on having the capacity and technical knowledge to deliver completion of the most challenging and severe engineering challenges in the steel and construction industry, both in the UK and across the Globe.

We have worked in some of the most demanding environments our planet has to offer to execute and deliver some of the most technically complex projects in the world.

Imagine lifting in bridge beams over shark infested waters in an earthquake hotzone, to then be bombarded by a surprise hurricane mid lift. We’ve done it!

We’ve fabricated steelwork in environments loaded with Hydrogen Sulphide so corrosive that the structural steel starts to corrode as soon as it lands on site.

We’ve moved entire buildings across unstable ground conditions as the earth shakes underneath us.

Steel structures that physically jack and climb up the outside of a concrete core tower designed to convert an external construction site into an internal factory environment to offer Lean Construction methodology to a global construction client.


At Man Of Steel we achieve the “impossible”, we don’t recognise that word, in the world of engineering our only limits are the Laws of Physics and we pride ourselves in stretching the imagination and taking clients projects to a new level of delivery.


  • Construction Engineered Steelwork including Architectural Metalwork

  • Infrastructure including Rail, Underground and Bridges

  • Petrochemical and Hazchemical Environments

  • Building Moves and Hydraulic Jacking

  • Marine

  • Pipeline

  • Airlift and Sea Movements

Design. Engineer. Build.

Jump Factory Prototype, London

New Scotland Yard, London

Multiple Projects, New Zealand

Purity Brewery Expansion

Industrial Dryer Implosion, Rural Wales

Morrisons supermarkets, London

Agricultural and light industrial

Rennsport 911 Workshops

Education sector / Private academies

NFL Tower Canary Warf, London

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